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Geneva - 050305

Hello Visitors! The main reason for our trip to Geneva with Stephen was a trip to the ATLAS experiment at CERN. It was like something out of Star Wars! I'm not sure really what it is supposed to do, but it has something to do with lasers, particles and black holes and if it produces black holes by the use of this huge machine then Stephen will win a Nobel prize! oooooh!!!!!!.  Maybe I should have been a miner, judging from how damn good I look in a hard     hat !! Apart from the experiment, there was an old part that remained undiscovered until the end of the trip. That was pretty and quaint, me and Monica enjoyed a picnic in the park. Where we were staying in Geneva however was expensive and uninteresting. Not somewhere I will be going again! Stephen, Me, Niki, Clair and Monica did enjoy our last night out by going to local club, were we all had champagne and boogied with locals until the early hours!!
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